Press release


Sabina Petrucci (Fiom-Cgil): «The case of Electrolux Italy is not just a country case, IndustriAll supports the urgent request for an extraordinary meeting of the European Works Council»

Sabina Petrucci, IndustriaAll coordinator of the Ewc Electrolux, released the following statement.

« IndustriAll Europe joins the Italian trade unions and condemns the Electrolux unacceptable behavior and supports the call for an extraordinary European Works Council.»

«The company takes time proposing a conference call in order not to convening the Ewc, whose members have all asked for an urgent meeting to discuss the situation of the Italian and European industrial multinational.»

«We will not stop, we've just required for a european meeting of all the unions involved in Electrolux, within the next week.»

«The case of Electrolux Italy is not just a country case but concerns the survival of a strategic sector for Europe.»


Rome, 3rd February 2014