Message for release of the five young refusers


                                To Haggai Matar, Noam Bahat, Adam Maor, Shimri Zameret, Matan Kaminer

                                To the Refusniks Parentsí Forum




The National Secretary of Fiom salute with great happiness the release from the prison and from the ranks of the army of the five young refusers, a real example of determination and non violent resistence to the occupation, through the assumption of  personal responsibility,  payed  with almost two years in confinement.

In such a terrible time and world we are living in, this example of positive struggle represent a light of hope: we congratulate Haggai Matar, Noam Bahat, Adam Maor, Shimri Zameret and Matan Kaminer, we also congratulate their families for the great solidarity and commitment on their side. The refusniks Parents Forum campaign against imprisonement has been the main source of information for us and the tool for solidarity in our country and our organisation.

We hope that this result  can represent  a step forward on the way for a just peace between Israel and Palestine and we strongly believe that it is an important  victory for the whole peace movement in the world.

We will continue to support and express our solidarity to the refusniks and all the Israeli citizens committed in the hard struggle against occupation of the Palestinian territories, for the rights of Palestinians and the peaceful coexistence of  the two peoples.

We express  to all of you our best wishes for more successes on the way for peace!


Fiom  National Secretary

Gianni Rinaldini, General Secretary

Francesca Re David

Giorgio Cremaschi

Tino Magni



Rome, 23 september 2004