The Assembly of the 500 shop-stewards



We denounce the negative attitude of the employers’ associations, which in the whole negotiation effected during the moratorium period have offered a wage increase of 60 €, against our claim of the average amount of 105 € for defending the purchasing power and of 25 € as separate compensation for all workers.


These attitudes are unacceptable and have to be changed by means of mobilization and struggle initiatives of the whole sector, holding together the goals of a wage increase and of a new contract policy for defending employment.

For these reasons, Fim, Fiom and Uilm call for 10 hours of strike to be held within June 17th, as follows:

- 2 hours strike with assemblies in all workplaces to be held in the next days;

- a mobilization day of the whole sector on Friday, June 10th, with a minimum of four hours strike and local demonstrations.

These initiatives will go together with a strike concerning overtime, in the forms which are traditionally effected in the unitary struggles for the national contract.


For granting a suitable wage increase!

For defending employment!




The national Fim, Fiom, Uilm