One step ahead and two back


This could be a new dance if we could not speak about labour rights and privatization of pubblic services. The decision took yesterday from the Eu parlamient on the Bolkestein directive will worsen the working conditions and life conditions of milions of EU citzens and represents a stumbling  block in the construction of the Social Europe.

We just finished to celebrate the  withdrawl of the bad proposal on the directive on working time and thought to have done a step ahead. We suddenly made two steps back.

The text approved yesterday worsen the compromise found in the Parlaminet in the first votation.

The labour rights are included, the directive enlarge the range of the services involved and for the first time give to the commission the power of judge in the interpretation for the transposition of the directive in the different MS.

A majority of deputies from the socialist, popular and liberal groups voted this text and stopped the left and green amendaments to emprove  the directive.

The votation is a scandal not only for the contents of the directive but because far away  from the needs and waits of millions of EU citizens who demonstated  against it with the vote for the EU constitution and with the unions in two big demonstrations.

With this vote liberism won and the best part of the EU lost. All those who wants labour rights, democracy and representativeness of the people and refuse the power of the economic lobbies and the markets laws as the only reference in the construction of a political EU.

This vote will help all the kind of  racism already present in the cosntruction of the EU and prevent a real integration.

Now the work to do is in the different MS. We will hope a big discussion on haw the directive must be stranslated in our country. The vote of the Italian deputies dontí give us a lot of opportunities for the future. Fiom will ask to all the social forces and the political forces to commit themselves completely for keeping the labour rights and against the privatization of the welfare state.



Roma, 16 novembre 2006