The Ewc consultation on the reorganization process in Ge Consumer & Industrial


When the Company communicate the relevant operations of reorganization is necessary that the consultation can be involved the all Ewc members.

On the four points of this reorganization, they communicate in the teleconference of the 7th October 2005, the consultation will be concluded in our Ewc annual meeting already fixed for the 6th and 7th December 2005, about this we ask that the Agenda of Ewc annual meeting previews also the four points of this reorganization with their development to that date.

From today to the date of Ewc annual meeting is necessary that the HR Director will inform the Select Committee of Ewc on the evolution of the consultation with Local Work Councils involved in this reorganization process.

In this period the President of Ewc will contact and/or be able to be contacted from all the members of Ewc, mainly the members been involved in the reorganization.

If in this period there will be of the problems on the four points of this reorganization the President of Ewc will ask an extraordinary meeting of the Select Committee of Ewc.


17th October 2005


Alberto Volpato

Ewc President of

Ge Consumer & Industrial


Luis Miguel Fernandez

EMF expert